The Experience: How Julien Farel Salon Saved My Hair


Fun fact: I used to work at a high-end hair salon while I was in college. I was a receptionist and got to do makeup for some high profile celebrities and professionals at just 18 years old. I befriended the creme de la creme stylists and I was always so grateful that they used my mane to test out different curling irons, hair dye formulas, and products. My hair has been every color and cut under the sun and somehow it’s still all on my head. But as time passed, I started to notice the texture of my hair started to weaken. Cry face emoji.

But that’s fine with me; it’s the sacrifice I’m willing to make to try and test new products for posts and reviews. And when I do get the opportunity to color and cut my hair by A-list stylists, I’m grateful beyond words.

So here’s the challenge. Since my hair is naturally jet black, I have to bleach my hair in order for certain colors to pop. (Bleach = death to the hair) And a few months ago, I wanted to go bright blonde for the summer and while it looked super fierce, it unfortunately left my hair feeling and looking super crunchy (I just shivered thinking about this) whenever I was done styling it. No bueno!  Ammonia-free, semi-permanent at-home hair dye was the answer… or so I thought. I was too embarrassed to go to a salon to fix it. HAUTE MESS!

So last week, I went to go see my friends at Julien Farel at the Loews Regency Hotel in NYC. I was paired with the stunning Gynna Cayambe and she intuitively knew what she needed to do with my hair. My helpless look probably had something to do with it.


Rule of thumb: If your hairstylist has hair you love, TRUST THEM. 


The look of hope. 

After about an hour or so of hopefulness and experimentation, the results were spectacular. We did a deep conditioning treatment so my hair felt and looked extra bouncy and the color came out to be this gorgeous topaz-maroon-caramel. Perfect to frame the face and for the summer. Love and thanks to the amazing staff at Julien Farel! donnasignature