How to Find Your Purpose


How often are you asked, “So, what do you do?” by a person you’ve just met?  For some of you, the answer is effortless and you can respond quickly by stating your profession. But for some of us, it’s not so easy to blurt out.

I used to feel so stifled whenever I was asked this question- I felt I had to choose one response and felt as though I was betraying myself if I didn’t state all the things that I do. I’m a journalist, editor, TV host, digital media strategist, makeup artist, writer, stylist, speaker, producer, creative consultant, blogger, violinist.. I do it all!  So, now I always respond with “Well, I do a LOT of things, how much time you got?” Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

I’m a person that does things, as do you. The above quote from Oscar Wilde is dead on. I was lucky enough to figure out what my purpose and calling was in life and am so lucky everyday to be able to share my talents and purpose to the world.

Never feel as though you have to settle for one “profession” and let that define you and your inevitable calling in life. You’re a person that has a myriad of special talents and gifts. And in the event you’re not sure what your exact calling or purpose is in life.. here’s a fabulous video that can help.

“You’re not put in a position where you feel you have to negotiate your sense of integrity- which is an act of betrayal. You don’t feel you have to compromise who you are, it feels RIGHT. ”

— Caroline Myss

I hope that this helps if you’ve been feeling unsure of what your purpose is in life or how to define yourself. These two mediums I shared above go hand-in-hand. First, remember you’re not a noun. You’re a person that does things and has many talents to share with the world. And hey, if you get to make a living off of those talents- AWESOME! And the second part is, recognizing your purpose in life by doing things that won’t negotiate your integrity. Never betray yourself from what you’re meant to be doing. Go for it. xx