July 6, 2016

The Experience: How Julien Farel Salon Saved My Hair

Fun fact: I used to work at a high-end hair salon while I was in college. I was a receptionist and got to do makeup for some high profile celebrities and professionals at just 18 years old. I befriended the creme de la creme stylists and I was always so grateful… Read more >

February 13, 2015

How To Throw A Festive Galentine’s Day Party

Ladies and gents, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Now, before I virtually sense and hear an uproar of groans/your eyeballs roll to the back of your head, please remember that Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to celebrate love and gratitude for those you love and not just your romantic partner. It particularly means… Read more >

November 21, 2014

Thursday Thoughts: Being Consciously Aware

One of the biggest lessons to learn in life is to be conscious of your surroundings, your own behavior, and the decisions you make because it will ultimately lead you to the place you’re meant to be. It takes awhile for this to happen. A lot of circumstances and dogma can… Read more >

November 19, 2014

How to Wear Dramatic Skirts

Being that I used to work in bridal, I’ll always have a soft spot for stylish and uber chic weddings. And when Miss Lovers-in-the-Parking-Lot AKA Solange released her wedding photos, I freaked out. Everything about the wedding was uniquely hers and the fashion was just out of this world. But… Read more >