10 Tips You Should Know by 30

At 30 you finally start to catch up to those dreams you’ve been chasing for the last 10 plus years.
— Bonnidette Lantz

So I will officially be 31 in 1 more month and I have to say, it flew by SO fast. And in this year, I’ve been learning more and more about others and myself at a rapid speed. I decided that I wanted to compile a list of “things you should know” by 30 because if I had this list beforehand, it would’ve saved me from some emotional heartaches.

  1. Put Your Health First - Girlll.. your metabolism is going to change. And when it changes, it hits you like a fast moving truck. So in order to keep your health and physical activity in check, spend time researching work out classes that work for your body type, find restaurants and grocery stores that will have the food you need to eat (and taste good! and are organic! and non GMO! and gluten-free!) and get those 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

  2. Not All Friendships Will Last - This is a hard one. I’m a really loyal person and when I make friendships with people, my intention is to be committed to them and I give that person my whole heart. It unfortunately doesn’t work out that way and I’ve learned to never love less but to focus on those that love me the way I treat others. This will be a topic I’ll be talking more frequently here.

  3. Take Responsibility For Your Mistakes - Putting your ego aside is TOUGH. Especially when it’s easier to throw the blame onto something or someone else when you know you did something wrong. The best part about admitting your own mistakes though, is that it gives you the self-awareness you need to push forward and do better.

  4. Say What You Want in Your Relationship - The amount of times I’ve over compromised what I wanted in relationships is ridiculous. When I met my LOML, I was really straight forward and honest about what I wanted from the get-go. My whole thing is, if they don’t or can’t provide the things you need in a relationship, what is the actual point of committing to them? (This sage wisdom has only been implemented due to my trillion mistakes!)

  5. Cook As Much As Possible - Living in NYC, I was the Seamless queen! I think I used Seamless more than Instagram. I’ve lived alone since I was 18, and I didn’t have a clue on how to portion control, save money on food, or eat nutritious foods. I was lazy. I was lazy until I turned 30 and sadly, it took a pretty brutal wakeup call for me to recognize how badly I was treating my body. When you cook at home, you’re in control of how much you’re eating, what you’re putting in your food, and oh yeah… you’ll save HUNDREDS (maybe even thousands) of dollars a month. Wah.

  6. Shop Smarter - I lived for fast fashion and high end designer sample sales. I sometimes still do! But if you’re like me, and you love to have more than less, it’s important to be more self aware of the retail industry and how trends really come and go, and come back again. Invest in pieces you’ll wear forever and try to shop vintage or consignment!

  7. Spending More Nights In Is OK - I used to go out and party 3-5 times out of the week in my early twenties. I seriously have no idea how I did that and why I wanted to do that. But, spending more nights in means more self care, more quality time with quality people, and more restorative health for you.

  8. Less Social Media - How is this possible you ask? By just putting your phone away, allocating a specific amount of minutes to look at it. If you’re constantly on social media (especially if it’s your job) it’s almost inevitable that you’ll start comparing yourself to other peoples’ lives or get into a dark hole of browsing the internet that you’ll have zero time trying to be present or enjoying life itself.

  9. Find a Hobby - Again, we live in a digital world where we almost don’t ever need to get off our butts and seize the day. But when you find something else to do (that is unrelated to work or your business) you’ll feel a sense of creative freedom and liberation. This is one of the most important things you can do if you’re wanting to practice self-care.

  10. Drink a TON of Water - And lastly, H20 Is your soulmate. It helps your skin, your digestion, your overall health, and hydration (duh). If you carry the H20 in a pretty glass bottle, you’ll most likely enjoy drinking it!