Where the Hell Have I Been?

Here I am, enjoying life’s sugary treats. Happy on the outside, absolutely miserable inside.

Here I am, enjoying life’s sugary treats. Happy on the outside, absolutely miserable inside.

2009 is when I started DonnaDaily. Almost 10 years later, I’ve FINALLY figured out what to do with it. I had a very emotionally gripping relationship with this website. I believe in doing things whole-heartedly. I used to be a decent multitasker and am still trying to be less of an over-achiever and so when I was trying to work, maintain a social life, and blog - I had to surrender one of those.

It’s been hard but I know I am so beyond blessed. I can’t ever complain about my life thus far because it’s pretty damn great. But I also am such an advocate of being honest and living your truth and this is the place where I feel safe to be able to do so. I hope that those who read my blog will also understand that my mission in life is to inspire others based on what I’ve learned along the way and what has inspired me to become the person that I am.

So, the past 2 years I’ve been AWOL because I had been laid off of my last job which forced me to think of a fast and financially stable way to support myself in this pricey city. I was freelancing, traveling (I was on a plane a total of 24 times in a year), and barely sleeping. There was a part of me that was able to handle it, as if it was in my intuitive nature to go along with it. But I was crashing and burning and crashing and burning.

As I had inadvertently created my own social media strategy and digital content business, helping some truly iconic brands and publications with their digital goals, I was running on a very low gas tank of energy. I kept on saying yes and yes and pretty soon I felt the “burnout”. I had neglected friends, family, and was focused on trying to make things happen- and while I was doing that pretty exceptionally I was completely dismissing my personal life in a way that felt authentic and real. I decided to surrender the solopreneurship vibes and work with people again. After 2 years of that insane hustle, I became a partner in a company alongside my brilliant business partner and my whole world changed again. It changed for the better and I was able to prioritize personal goals of mine but then things started to catch up (health wise).

In the beginning of 2018, my stress was a never-ending roller coaster. And more recently I had been feeling “off”. Imagine feeling like you were PMSing every single day but not getting your period. That’s how I felt for about half the year. I was constantly bloated, felt miserable, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t wake up, and survived off of intense cardio dance classes “to take the edge off” and vats of coffee to keep me satiated and awake. I was simultaneously also trying to up my spiritual game and learn more about astrology and holistic wellness which felt like a complete oxymoronic mess.

I went to the doctor and a naturopath and found out what the hell was up with me. Basically, I was on the verge of major endocrine issues (although not officially diagnosed) and I was warned (even though I knew) if I didn’t change my lifestyle quickly, I would be undoubtedly on the path of some serious health problems. Thyroid issues, particularly.

I had to take an honest look in the mirror and be transparent with myself. I identified myself as healthy and strong but deep down inside I knew I was always trying to find the quickest and most time efficient way out. As in, I’ll take an intense dance class and eat whatever I wanted. I’d go out with friends late at night and then gorge on $1 slice pizzas at the wee hours of the morning, and I’d also just snack and stress eat all the time - usually it was something carby + sugary. There was zero balance in my life and zero self-control.

So, I intrinsically knew what I had to do. I had heard of all of these diets that were out there changing people’s lives, reversing their health issues and I felt an urge to find something that would work for me.

This is where I discovered the Ketogenic Diet. Yes, it’s the diet that eliminates carbs + sugar. I wanted to give it a thorough chance but I knew that was going to seem like torture for me, so I started off easy. I’m going to talk about this more in my “Why I Went Keto” blog post, coming up in a few days.

And because of this major lifestyle change, and the successful progress I am experiencing, I finally figured out what to do with this newfound journey I’m on. I’m gonna blog about it!

I am now feeling free, confident, and motivated and most importantly, inspired to be able to document my journey here and on my social media channels. I’ve been a professional writer for almost a decade and this is going to sound ironic as all hell but I had CONSTANT writer’s block on my own damn website! (I’m loling at myself right now). And I know a lot of it had to do with the fact that I just genuinely didn’t know what to write about that would feel emotionally fulfilling for me and for others.

And this is my plan. I plan on documenting my progress, what I’ve learned, recipes I love, and how to stay motivated. I also will of course continue to write about other lifestyle + beauty obsessions because that’s in my DNA to share! Thank you so much!

Love and health, Donna