About me


Hi there! I’m not even sure where to begin! First off, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for visiting my blog. This is a neverending journey, and after many contemplations of whether or not I should continue to blog, I’m so happy that I always kept it because I knew that one day I would revisit it and give it 100% of my time. Keep on reading to read my entire story!

In 2009, the entire intention to create DonnaDaily.com was to be a place where I could place all of my writing clips in one place; I started off my career as a curious and ambitious reporter, covering all things trends and fashion. Take a peek at my editorial portfolio, here! Even though my initial intention was for it to be a safe haven for all of my work, it became something so much more creative.  I discovered that you could actually write other things on the blog and not just share links and clips to pieces of my work. That was really cool. So, I went with the flow (story of my life!) and it led me to so many incredible opportunities I didn’t even dream of! One of them included hosting my own web show on YouTube with Kmart Fashion!

I’m a San Francisco native; I guess you can now call me a New Yorker since I’ve lived here for over a decade. I studied at New York University at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Media, and Education and received my Bachelors in Communication Studies. It was at NYU where I fell in love with the beauty and media industry, met my lifelong friends, and got to unearth so many passions. I interned at fashion magazines, TV stations, fashion PR houses, and worked as a part-time hair salon receptionist, stylist, and makeup artist. I truly embraced the art of the hustle. After college, I launched DonnaDaily.com because that’s when I started my Master’s program at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Grad school was insanely intense and I desperately needed a creative outlet for my own sanity. I believe DonnaDaily.com helped me survive, mentally, haha.

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After grad school, I immediately started working full-time at some incredible companies as a social media editor and creative director. Needless to say, I barely had any time to focus on DonnaDaily.com, even though I really, REALLY wanted to. And more recently, I started full-time consulting and working on a few new projects and DonnaDaily.com is one of them!

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I decided to start writing content that speaks true to my heart, REAL lifestyle tips on how to be a healthier you, restoring self-love, eating foods to make you more beautiful internally and externally, and sprinkle in the fun fashion content. For so long I felt completely lost in terms of what kinds of content to write and produce which unfortunately forbode me from the joy of blogging. Now, I have a much clearer vision of what I want to do and where I want it to go, and I cannot wait to bring you on!