How To Throw A Festive Galentine’s Day Party

Ladies and gents, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Now, before I virtually sense and hear an uproar of groans/your eyeballs roll to the back of your head, please remember that Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to celebrate love and gratitude for those you love and not just your romantic partner.

It particularly means a lot to me, because I’ve always loved the idea that there was a day solely dedicated to sharing affection and love in such a festive way. And hey, I’m such a girly girl at heart, and seeing hues of pink and red everywhere makes my heart (literally) flutter.


I’ve partnered with my sweet (pun totally intended) friends from Shari’s Berries to provide my lovely readers with a quick guide on how to throw a fabulous and fun party for your girlfriends (or guy friends). I picked some of my favorite treats from their site and I’m totally obsessed with how adorable and delectable these desserts are.


Here’s a tip! Don’t pile too many treats on a plate. Fill the plate up as soon as they start to disappear- it draws the attention straight to the treat.

I always like to mix and match different plates and trays to display treats and flowers. It adds different levels and a more bohemian vibe to an otherwise boring table. Get the bubbly going and add fresh roses everywhere! (I particularly like peach and white ones over red.)


I can’t with these ADORABLE cake pops! I secretly don’t want anyone to eat them…

My girlfriends are coming to my apartment to celebrate Valentine’s Day with me and I can’t wait to share these treats with them. They mean the world to me and this is just one easy way to show them how much I adore them, and I actually do this for them each year.

Again, holidays are meant to be celebrated for fun and love. Obliterate expectations and enjoy!


Don’t fret if you haven’t planned or shopped anything for V-Day! Order your goodies from Shari’s Berries here.